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Our Founder

Christian Saab - Founder of CPG Recruitment Inc. tells the story of how the company was born. This story is in the heart of our business today. It is the reason why CPG Recruitment has been out performing and disrupting the industry.


Our Story

Welcome to CPG Recruitment Inc.

Here we will share the story humble beginings that starting from an engineering career and a car wash business! 

Hear the story behind our brand and the journey that led us to where we are today.Discover the passion, purpose, and values that drive this company. We'll take you through our company's evolution, from the early days through to present date. Along the way, we'll share our successes, lessons learned, and provide you with insights into what makes us unique and how we've overcome obstacles to get where we are today.

CPG was founded by entrepreneur Christian Saab, who was tired of the

corporate world and was eager to build a recession-resistant and scalable business for himself. Saab discovered his passion for the recruiting world and went on to build CPG in Ontario, Canada.

After trying and testing its franchise model in 2022, the brand awarded and opened 5 locations in just 6 months of franchising.

Now, CPG has launched a turn-key franchise model that allows new franchisees to start a business in their local community and start making money from the jump. Recruiting services are a recession-proof, forever in-demand service, and there has never been more in demand following the COVID-19 pandemic and ongoing labor shortages.

“I looked at my bossʼs bossʼs boss,” said Saab. “He had been there for years upon years. I thought of my own wealth dreams. Not only did he not have that wealth, he had to grind to get there — and there were layers upon layers blocking me from even getting there. Thatʼs when I decided I had to be in business for myself.”


After working as an engineer at Chrysler, Saab dove into entrepreneurship with a mobile detailing business, which ended up being extremely successful. “I quit my job to run it full-time, but I knew it wasnʼt going to be forever,” he said. “It was just to prove to myself I could run my own company.”


Saab ended up selling that mobile detailing company five years later. Around the same time, he says he had another breakthrough moment.

“In order to make some extra money during the winter, we started using the detailing trucks to deliver Amazon packages. I found several people who wanted to deliver packages and ended up connecting some of them with a friend who needed a driver for his landscaping job. In that moment, everything came together: I needed to help companies find the right people. The next day, I was a part of the recruiting industry.”

Fueled by this experience, CPG was created with a simple value proposition: identify and fix the problems an organization is having when recruiting, training and retaining its employees.

How are we different?

“We have a very similar franchise fee to competitors, but most other recruiting concepts have a temporary firm contract staffing model, which brings along a lot of risk,” he said. “This is where a candidate is technically hired by the staffing company and is contracted out to an organization. That means the owner has to front the payroll, which can add up quickly with a lot of employees. CPG uses a direct placement model. I simply introduce the employee, and the client hires them. After one month of work, we get a one-time check.”

“People do not like working with staffing companies, but they have no choice but to use them because demand is so high,” he said. 

Saab says he would always ask the same three questions to every business owner he talked to: “How does the money flow in your business model” “Why do you enjoy doing what you are doing?” and “What is the worst part of the business?”

“I compiled answers across two years, and although I talked to people from nearly every industry, everyone had the same answer for the third question: their biggest headache was finding employees,” said Saab. “I knew If I could solve that issue, I would never run out of work. That is how I discovered the recruiting world.”

This simplified and flexible model also helps owners achieve profitability faster. “After only six months of operation, every location that weʼve opened has seen profits,” Saab said.

Overall, Saab says the value proposition for franchisees comes down to the support and team they will have behind them. “We are here to ensure you never feel alone and that you have the clarity to build a business that matches your lifestyle,” he said. “It all comes back to what you want and how you want to live. We are selling freedom — CPG is a tool to make you the money you need to live your best life.”




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