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Strategically launching your CPG business around your lifestyle.

Onboarding you correctly into CPG Recruitment is our number 1 priority. It is important for you to fully comprehend our business model and become a subject matter expert. Our customers spend a substantial amount of money for our services because we are recruitment experts. It is our job to provide you with the right training to transform you into being a professional in this field in order for you to have very happy paying customers. 

Bellow is a breakdown of our first month onboarding program, which is designed to prepare you for acquiring customers and filling positions. Our major topics is industry knowledge, client acquisition, recruitment, and entrepreneurship. 



Introductions to CPG Recruitment Inc.
The major takeaways is understanding the industry, and how you are positioned.

  • The staffing and recruitment industry. What is the difference between the two.

  • Why companies hate working with staffing agencies, and how CPG has innovated new solutions for businesses to solve their problem.

  • The CPG value proposition and what makes CPG the perfect option for businesses to use our services and support. 

Week 2:

Tools we use.
Get introduced to all the tools you will be using daily in your CPG Recruitment business.

  • Applicant Tracking System and CRM.

  • Automation and lead gen tools

  • Specializing in LinkedIn, Indeed, and common job boards.

Week 3:

Become a monster recruiter and learn our secret  of how we help our customers.

  • Learn all the steps it takes to filling a position from beginning to end.

  • Recruitment is the sole of this company, and our team has designed a methodology that allows you to be confident when taking on a new position.

  • Management and organizational tools are very important for the success of your business.

Week 4:

In-Person at CPG Head Office.
Shadow and watch how an established CPG Recruitment office is run daily.

  • Meet our paying clients and understand what they spend thousands of dollars with us. 

  • Spend time with out recruitment team working on positions to fill and interviewing.

  • Develop a strategy geared around your life to successfully launch your business when you return home.



The Profession Recruiters Accreditation Program

The Professional Recruiter Accreditation Program consists of three modules that teach recruiters and hiring managers how to reduce recruitment costs, lower the risk of erroneous hiring decisions and avoid needless litigation.

Successful completion of all 3 modules of this program makes you eligible for the RPR (Registered Professional Recruiter) designation. The Institute is a certified educational body registered with Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC), and offers internationally recognized accreditation programs.

 Average time for completion of the self-study (distance learning) options: 22-26 hours total, including writing the open book exam.


Module 1:

Reduce the Cost of Hiring
Standardize your recruitment practices

  • Acquire the skills to analyze jobs and write comprehensive position profiles

  • Learn how to develop a recruitment plan with internal searches, online recruiting, social media platforms, applicant tracking systems and third-party recruiters

  • Improve the power of your recruitment advertising and the use of social media to attract the best applicants

Module 2:

Improve Hiring Accuracy
Lower the risk of bad hiring decisions

  • Discover the deficiencies of the traditional interview

  • Acquire the skills to develop effective questioning techniques

  • Discover the six powerful steps for conducting an objective interview

Module 3:

Avoid Needless Litigation
Know and understand employment law

  • Learn how to conduct reference checks without fear of libel and slander and identify the impact of privacy laws on the recruitment process

  • Learn about contract laws and how to avoid needless lawsuits, contract disputes and union and non-union grievances

  • Find out why probationary employees can successfully sue your organization



Professionally branding you for a successful future.

Launching your business can be an exciting but challenging time. At CPG Recruitment, we understand that starting a new business requires careful planning and effective marketing strategies. That's why we provide comprehensive marketing support to help you achieve success from day one.


We understand that starting a new business can be overwhelming, which is why we offer access to our Marketing Director. You can contact them with any questions, concerns, or needs, and they'll be there to support you every step of the way.

With our comprehensive marketing support, you can focus on growing your business and achieving your goals.

Launching your business. 
The major takeaways is understanding the industry, and how you are positioned.

  • We start you off with your own social media package. 

  • You will have your own CPG Recruitment Facebook and Instagram, all branded for you.

  • Your location will be added to our website to use when generating leads and building your clientele. 

Maintaining your business
Get introduced to all the tools you will be using daily in your CPG Recruitment business.

  • You will be provided with branding files to use in any marketing initiatives you create.

  • Social media advertisement designs consistently added to use at your discretion.

  • Pamphlets, flyer design, business cards etc. will be designed for you to choose what you need from our selection.  

  • Access to contact Marketing Director with any questions, concerns, or needs.



You are never alone

Head Office Support:

Direct access to HQ 24/7.
You will have direct contact with all members or head office to support you on your daily journey of building this business. Our team of specialist in Recruiting, Marketing, Sales, and Entrepreneurship are allways ready to help you.

  • Weekly 1-on-1 calls.

  • Daily communication via call, text, email with all head office execs. 

  • Mentorship and guidance on important business decisions. 

CPG Owner's Network:

Leverage experience.
There are incredible people just like you who have been doing this for some time. Leverage their experience and knowledge because they have been in your shoes. Our amazing owners have lots of personal knowledge. Most importantly, they are not your competitors, they are your teammate. 

  • Corporate wide monthly owner's call.

  • Build relationships and friendships with amazing people just like you.

  • Utilize and incredible support system amongst our owners. 



Grow your CPG business to run itself and be a sellable asset.

Most businesses are not a sellable asset because the business heavily depends on the owner. If your are going to put in all the effort of building a business, we want to make sure you have a sellable or transferable asset. The beauty of the recruitment industry is that it allows for scalable growth. At CPG Recruitment our goal is for you to launch your business, grow your team, and automate your day to day operations for you to manage a well oiled machine. 

Standard Operating Procedures:

Proven and structured procedures for you and your team.

  • Well documented operating procedures for all sales and recruitment tasks.

  • Video training, screen recordings.

  • Continuously developing the write procedures for your success.

Building Your Team:

Supporting your employee's training and onboarding.

  • When you is hire your first recruiter, our head office will train and onboard them.

  • A milestone is automating your recruitment team for you to focus on sales.

  • Continuous head office support on your active projects. 

Head Office Automation:

Client agreements, invoices, templates.

  • You will be provided will all binding client agreements.

  • Invoicing and billing templates and support

  • Templates for sales and recruitment daily activities




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