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5 Reasons to Buy a CPG Franchise in 2023

Emerging recruiting franchise CPG gives franchisees the opportunity to start an in-demand business in their local communities through its turn-key model.

CPG was founded by entrepreneur Christian Saab, who was tired of the corporate world and eager to build a recession-resistant, scalable business for himself. When Saab discovered the recruiting world, he went on to build CPG in Ontario, Canada. After testing and perfecting his franchise model in 2022, the brand awarded and opened five locations in just six months of franchising.

Although the general perception of staffing companies can often be negative, CPG set out to do things differently by prioritizing excellent customer service and innovative solutions above all else. And the franchise model decreases the barrier of entry by providing franchisees with customers from day one, selling high ticket services with high margins.

With that said, here are five reasons to consider buying a CPG franchise in 2023.

High Ticket Item

Before Saab started CPG, he opened a mobile detailing company. However, he knew it wasn’t his forever business.

During his time at the mobile detailing business, Saab considered what qualities and characteristics he wanted his next business to have. “I knew I wanted the next company I started to be my last one,” he said. “So I spent a lot of time thinking about what kind of business I wanted to be in and dedicate the next 20 years or so to.”

One of these qualities he determined was important to him was being in a high ticket type of business. Rather than selling a product for $100 and having a million customers, for example, Saab would rather sell something for a higher transaction price and have a smaller client base with higher cash flow.

Because CPG sells a high ticket item to a select group of customers, franchisees are able to better focus on the clients that they have and give them the best service possible.

Residual Income

To balance out being a high ticket item, Saab also wanted franchisees to have residual income.

“Having something that is subscription or contract based allows you to lock in a customer for a set period of time and have income coming in every month,” he said. “If you’re selling a high ticket item, but only once a year, that doesn’t do you any good. But if you have consistent customers that are paying a high amount on a regular basis, that allows for great cash flow.”

No Territory Limits

Saab also didn’t want to be tied down to one city with his business. He wanted to be able to expand his reach no matter where he was located.

“Having no geographical limitations is important,” he said. “So we really adapted to a virtual model. If I’m traveling and happen to meet someone who could be a potential customer, I know I can work with them.”

If CPG franchisees know they want to move to a new city, they do not have to start from scratch. They can be strategic and spend time building a customer base in their new city before they even arrive.

Having the freedom to work off of a laptop and phone also keeps start-up costs low because franchisees aren't required to open an office or hire a huge team.

Recession Proof

The recruitment industry is worth nearly $761 billion dollars and is only going to grow as the need for hiring support booms all over the country. It's what Saab calls a “necessary business, not a luxury business.”

“When customers are writing that check, it’s because they need something,” he said. “That was something that was important to me — that’s the transaction that I wanted to have. It’s relevant for the times that we are in. When people want to save money they may not buy nice cars, but they don’t cheap out when they need staff. Recruitment is a recession-proof business.”

And with over 28 million small businesses in the U.S., CPG offers franchisees an opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of those in their local market. This creates a uniquely rewarding business opportunity, both financially and personally.

Ease of Scalability

Since CPG is a business that can be taught relatively quickly, franchisees are able to scale easily.

“I wanted to be a part of a business that is very duplicatable and that I could teach someone in a week,” said Saab. “I like putting systems in place, automating and duplicating.

Additionally, the CPG team also offers franchise owners a full suite of back office support, including a CRM lead generator tool (Diva), cloud-based operating procedures, automated billing and client agreements and more that make the process all the more simple.

“This was all designed before I came across recruitment,” said Saab. “This was designed for a lifestyle that I wanted to have. I want to be able to scale and build a team across the country within my lifetime.”

The total initial investment necessary to start a CPG franchise ranges from $50,000-$75,000, including a $50,000 franchise fee. For more information on franchising with CPG

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