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Why Franchise Brokers Make Great CPG Franchisees

At emerging recruiting franchise CPG, franchisees have the opportunity to build their own business in the $761 billion recruitment industry while benefiting from low investment costs, a flexible model and a full suite of back office support.

In particular, CPG is a great opportunity for franchise brokers looking to become franchisees themselves. Here’s why.

The Right Mindset

One similarity between franchise brokers and CPG franchisees is that they are putting good people in front of good opportunities. When brokers work with prospective franchisees, the only difference is that, instead of the client being a job seeker, it is a person who is looking for an opportunity to invest in.

CPG founder and President Christian Saab noted that when you are talking to both a job seeker or someone looking to buy a franchise, the questions are the same. What are you looking for? Why are you doing this? What are you trying to accomplish?

“We found that, personality wise, it’s a great fit,” said Saab. “They are looking to put two people together in the same room and see if something comes out of it. They want to advance someone’s next step in their career.”

For Natalie Pupovac-Peters, an owner from Ontario, Canada, having a broker background also helped her decide that CPG was the right fit for her. “I knew it was a good fit based on knowing what else is out there,” she said. “I knew that there are a lot of great options out there, but they didn't really match that criteria that I was looking for.”

The Cashflow Increase Opportunity

In the franchise broker world, the sales cycle can be very long. At CPG, the sales cycle is much quicker, making it a perfect compliment to existing franchise brokers. While they wait for their big checks as a franchise broker, they can still be earning money at a quicker pace.

“It's a higher ticket item,” noted franchisee Dylan Pease, a broker from Idaho. “Your profit margins are there to be able to hire a team and take care of them. And it gives you a flexible lifestyle as well, which is another thing I was looking for.”

Saab added that there can also be a scenario where a broker is working with a franchisee who needs to hire a team before starting their business. CPG gives its franchisees the opportunity to work with their same clients, who already know and love them, and help them hire the team that they need.

“It all ties in within the franchise world,” said Saab. “I also have customers that are franchisors that we help fill positions in all their locations. Now that you have that relationship with the franchisor, as far as selling franchise locations for them, it works together. We're talking about the same things. It's people and opportunity, it's just the transaction that looks different.”

The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Saab noted that franchise brokers are already entrepreneurial, which makes them great franchisees.

A franchise broker is already an entrepreneur,” he said. “I don't have to worry about someone who doesn't understand the concept of working in sales. They’re pretty much already doing 80% of what we do. We just give them a different package that goes with it.”

Pupovac-Peters’ entrepreneurial spirit made her excited to work with an up and coming brand like CPG. “Part of the excitement was knowing that there was a brand that I could influence and grow with,” she said. “But also the entire HQ team is really invested in every single franchisee that comes through and wants to make sure that they are extremely successful. They're willing to do everything that they need to in order to make that happen.”

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